Detox drink water
with activated charcoal.


Black Detox Water

Black water that purifies and detoxifies the body. Water with activated charcoal: very good for digestion, for your skin, for your hair and many other recognized medicinal virtues. This is the trend water, a water for your well-being, hype and intriguing because of its black color.
Treat yourself good! Try it!


Water + activated charcoal

Black Detox Water is made from a pure spring water enriched with activated charcoal.
The activated charcoal comes from coconut bark, the best quality on the market, the purest, the most efficient.
Activated charcoal is a detoxifying agent recognized worldwide. Its “activation” consists in creating fine particles with millions of invisible pores, which fixes toxic substances and naturally eliminate them from the body.
The charcoal settled to gases, toxins, heavy metals, barbiturates, glycosides and other harmful particles. It prevents them from spreading throughout the body, keeping our gastrointestinal system safe.
The charcoal acts effectively to eliminate toxins derived from urea, it helps relieve acid and gastrointestinal pain.
Black Detox Water does not contain calories, sugar or fat.
Recommended consumption: up to two bottles per day.
Warning! It is not suitable for children and pregnant women or people on prescription drug: activated charcoal will reduce or even annihilate the effects of the drugs. We told you this is “active” and efficient!

What is Black Detox Water?

It is pure and natural spring water in which we have added the best activated charcoal.

What is activated charcoal?

It is 100% vegetable product from the bark (or shell) of coconut, so a completely natural product, which is burned to obtain charcoal and then activated by steam process. All natural.

The properties of this charcoal are just incredible:

Sanitizing effect:

Purifies the body, removes toxins from the body;

Detoxifying effect:

Helps eliminate drug overdoses and makes it easier to get rid of heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum …) and pesticides;

Fight against intestinal disorders:

Regulates transit, calms diarrhea, gastroenteritis and constipation related to intestinal fermentation;

Fight against digestive disorders:

Heartburn, gastric reflux, flatulence, bloating, belching, irritable bowel, cramps resulting from excessive consumption of lipids and sugars.

And many other beneficial properties for your body.

In fact, activated charcoal will act like a sponge on your body: it will magnetize all the toxins, heavy metals, all the waste of which your body does not know what to do and it will eliminate them. It is for this reason that it is considered as “depurative”, in other words “purifier“. However, it should not be abused and it is not advisable when you are under medical treatment simply because the activated carbon will reduce or even annihilate the effects of drugs. It is really “active”, it’s not placebo…

In addition, Black Detox Water contains 0 sugars, 0 fat, 0 dyes, only natural ingredients.

After the first moment of hesitation where you have to drink a black water, you will never do without it!

You never tried black water? Try Black Detox Water!

Is it tasty?

It tastes like water, very neutral and easy to drink.

In addition to a detox treatment to purify yourself, you can also create original cocktails, form black ice cubes, and make surprise tastings during evenings…

Carbon compensation / CO2 Neutrality

Important point for us: ecological responsibility.

We have started a carbon offset process of 100% of our activity:

We compensate all transportation, from our warehouses to the distributor.
Our partner Eco-Act is in charge of managing the entire carbon offset chain and we are financing two projects that are important to us:
Project “Floresta de Portel” in Brazil to protect the Amazon rainforest from wild deforestation.
Clean Water project in Ethiopia to rehabilitate wells and enable local people to meet their water needs.

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